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VJK was founded to give small businesses the funding they need to thrive. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, small businesses were poorly served by the finance industry and were not getting the access to finance they needed. We set out to change that with an innovative new platform model. Our loans are funded from a variety of sources, so there’s always millions to lend to those that need it, while businesses get hassle-free applications, quick decisions and fantastic customer service.

It has been an established facts that small businesses aren’t given the finance they need to grow. We’re here to change that, by making finance accessible, quick and simple. Founded in the Cayman Island, designed to give small and medium sized businesses better access to finance. VJK Ltd is an online lending platform, not a bank. We use innovative technology to connect businesses who want to borrow with our potential investors who want to lend to them.

Small businesses apply using our simple online form. We then assess their application and, if approved, the loan is funded on our platform and paid into their bank account. We continue to service the loan throughout, returning repayments to the investors who lent to them. By specialising in small business finance, we have tailored our processes to be as simple and efficient for our customers as possible, reducing application hassle, giving quick decisions, and providing great customer support.

Business owners are forward thinkers. They’re determined. They stand up to make a difference and work hard to make it happen. They create jobs, support local communities and drive the economy forward. That's why we care about helping them, and why we focus 100% on supporting SMEs with finance. We charge a simple, one-off completion fee when you take out a loan. Our Corporate migration—overview
VJK Finance Company Limited Migrated from Australia formerly known as Midcoast Capital Pty Ltd to Cayman Island to serve our esteemed clients better in reducing cost of services. We maintain a regional presence around the world with our representatives and consultants strategically positioned globally to perform duties as feasibility studies, risk assessment and the closing of ventures. The address is maintained as our start up location, however over the years we have established world class domains globally. This also highlights the reason that our board decided to officially request to be delisted from the ASIC even after the yearly renewal and fillings. Historically, many companies migrated overseas as a way of escaping the burden of UK and Australia taxation and taking advantage of lower tax rates in Cayman Island and other related benefits such as the absence of controlled foreign company (CFC) provisions (for which see: CFC rules—overview).

Our three-pronged strategy (activist/pre-IPO/PIPEs) provides both diversification and the ability to concentrate the portfolio's investments where the best deep value opportunities may appear. We pursue deep value investment opportunities where, through our in-house research, we believe that there is the potential for noticeable appreciation over a 12- or 24-month period. We use an internally developed protocol to analyze the attractiveness of target companies, which includes examining the strength of the company as a whole and evaluating the areas for improvement and growth, as well as considering the particular deal terms that may be included or negotiated to help promote a positive outcome. We believe that the depth of experience and expertise of our portfolio manager as an investor in private equity and structured transactions, supplemented by the efforts of an investment team which has worked together for over two decades, is both a competitive advantage and a requisite for properly evaluating and pursuing activist, late stage pre-IPO and PIPE investment opportunities.